Prototyping the Retrieval of energy fluxEs and soil MoIsturE from Earth Observation – PREMIER-EO

Earth Observation (EO) technology provides today the only viable solution for obtaining spatio-temporal estimates of latent (LE) and sensible (H) heat fluxes as well as soil moisture content (SMC). Being able to map those parameters is of great importance, given their close relevance to many physical processes of the different components of the Earth system as well as their use in a wide range of multi-disciplinary research studies and applications. The PREMIER-EO project aim is to address knowledge gaps related to the operational estimation of both energy fluxes and SMC from EO, which will provide essential information to develop and test this innovative and interdisciplinary technique in advanced technologically EO instruments launched recently or planned be launched in the next 1-2 years.

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CONTACT: George P. Petropoulos